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: Be Health Facilitator for remote villages in Melghat
: 100 Days School
: Some Off-beats about Maitri in Media

Since 1997, Maitri has done lot of small and big projects in Melghat with various groups of volunteers. Small clipings of some are available on YouTube. There are some interviews. It will help you to understand the scope and reach of Melghat Mitra program.


  • Water Pumpng on Solar Energy - this work was done in Ruitathar village. The village people gave their contribution through physical work and they also shared a small part of expenses. How this happened? watch this


  • Rameswar Phad, Madhukar Mane and CHandrakant Jagdale - 3 Maitri facilitators stayed in Melghat for 10+ years. Ram is still in Melghat working for Maitri. In a program named "स्वप्नांना पंख प्रेरणेचे" we will be able to hear from them

Maitri against Corona

Maitri in Emergency

Media on other projects

: Gujrat Earthquake and Tsunami
Maitri Education - Palkar School, Pune

Radditun Saddi

Media on other projects

: Raddi collection
Raddi Collection Drive in news coverage by Maharashtra Darpan News Pune