MAITRI is a Non Profit volunteer-based organization from Pune- India. MAITRI's main strength is the volunteers from all over the world who contribute not only financially but contribute their time and skills towards social cause. Over the years MAITRI's volunteer base has touched to 50+ active members and more than 3000 volunteers who respond when the call is given.

MAITRI was born in 1997, when a group of young (yes some volunteers were as young as 70) volunteers resolved to iradicate Child Maortality and Malnutrition problem in Melghat- a tribal region of Amarawati District of Maharashtra State in India. Since then Melghat automatically became our core work area and we are now working for providing better Health, Education and Livelihood for the Korku tribes of Melghat. The name of this project is "Melghat Mitra"

The other projects on which MAITRI works are, 


Our Motives

MAITRI's basic tenet is "Volunteerism". Volunteers are the pillars of MAITRI's organization structure. They decide, plan, execute and own all the programs and activities of MAITRI. They bring with them the passion and empathy to address the cause. Even the members of the  Trustee Board of MAITRI are basically the volunteers of MAITRI.

The core principles we believe in are,

Over 3,500 individuals from Maharashtra and all over the world have volunteered with MAITRI until today. These `friends of Maitri’ are common citizens – students, housewives, senior managers and professionals in their personal lives. When they contribute their time in Maitri, they bring with them their skills, knowledge and professional expertise to the particular social cause they are involved in. They connect their social circle to the cause, bringing additional social as well as financial resources.

Maitri volunteers meet every Tuesday at a fixed time and venue for the last 20 years. They exchange ideas, talk about common concerns, make plans and share and learn from each other’s experiences.

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Core Team