You can contribute in many ways, You can explore possibilities in many ways,
You can make a difference in many, many ways.

Maitri is a volunteer driven organization. We encourage people to come forward and contribute in whichever way they can. You can donate money to Maitri for some Melghat program/activity or other Maitri Projects. If you can spare a week's time, participate in some program in Melghat. You can become a resource person in some workshop in Melghat or here. If you cannot go to Melghat, you can help us in Pune to make educational aids for the schools in Melghat. You can make or collect clothing for new borns in Melghat. You can donate food grains or equivalent amount for various workshops/ activtiess in Melghat. If you want to have a longer relationship, you can help us teaching English/Maths/Science in Ga.Ra. Palkar school in Pune. You can start Old Newspaper Collection Drive in your housing society. You can help in similar or other Fund Raising Drives. You can tell others about Maitri and get volunteers and funds. You can help us writing propsals for CSR and doing follow-up for same. You can help us in Administrative activities at Maitri office. We have many ideas by which anyone & everyone can contribute and get connected. We belive, you will have many more ideas than us, so let's come together and make it happen.

Give your time 

  • Many programs and activities are happening in Melghat as well as in Pune. You can spare your time for the same. If you wish to visit Melghat, you should spare at least 1 week considering the distance you have to travel. 
  • You can teach Science, Maths or English in G. Ra. Palkar School in Pune where Maitri conducts a yearlong program. 
  • You can create educational material, fun games for children in Melghat. 
  • You can help writing proposal for corporates and doing follow-up.

Give Your Skills

  • You can teach your skill like painting, drawing, music,, drama to Melghat children.
  • You can teach your skill like carpentary, sewing, plumbing or anything of that sort to Melghat people
  • The youths need guidance in 'How to speak in public', 'how to write a formal letter' or 'how to prepare for interview' and so on. You can contribute in that.
  • Become a mentor for some child in Melghat. Associate for a longer time till he or she completes education and starts living life independently.
  • Your skill in Agriculture, Business, Trading will help them to improve and make change in their lifestyle.

Help us raising funds

  • You can tell about Maitri to your friends and family circle and get donors for Maitri.
  • You can start news paper collection drive in your housing society on regular basis and donate the amount to Maitri. 
  • You can tell about Maitri in CSR group of your company and get sanction for a proposal.