Current Activities

Newpaper Collection Drive 1 st Oct 2017

Maitri raises funds for all programs from people through various ways. ‘रद्दीतून सद्दी’ i.e. ‘Fund Raising through Old News Paper’ is one of such fund-raising activity by which anyone can participate and contribute. Maitri has raised more than 20 L through old newspaper in past 12 years.

We had a big drive of Newspaper collection on 2nd Oct 2016 in which we had approached around 110 housing societies in Pune. The appeal was to donate household Newspaper collection for a month to Maitri. We collected it on 2nd Oct and raised approximately 2.5 L by selling it.Hear more details from Maharashtra Darpan News Channel

Few societies showed interest to donate Raddi every month. As of now 15 societies are contributing regularly every month in this activity.

Like last year we are going to do Raddi Collection on 1st Oct Sunday as Melghat Fund Raising activity. Last year we approached nearly 110 housing societies. We have started communication with those again. We need volunteers for this activity at various locations? Would you like to become a volunteer?

Do you want to start Raddi Collection in your housing society?

Dhadak Mohim 2017

Dhadak Mohim in 2017 started from 22nd Jul.

"Dhadak Mohim is a life time experience for us" - this is the first sentence we hear from Dhadak Mohim volunteer.

Remote villages in Melghat, volunteers coming from many odd places all over Maharashtra, the green and calm nature....

Working with people who have different culture, who speak different language, who have different beliefs than yours.....

Visiting each household, giving medicines, doing councelling and so many things which one has never done before....

One can write many lines on these 7 days but when you experience it yourself then only you will get the real insight. So be part of it by joining as volunteer for this year. Read out for more details.