100 Days School

Melghat school project has started from July this year. We are looking for volunteers who can spare 5 days minimum for going to Melghat.


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Flash Floods

Maitri is very actively involved in providing relief in regions affected by the flash floods on 18th June.

‘Hope and beyond…’
PHASE II: report and appeal

Uttarakhand Updates
Visit for regular updates.

If you wish to contribute in any way, please get in touch with us at 020-25450882 / 7588288196 or write to maitri1997@gmail.com.

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Melghat Dhadak Mohim

MAITRI's "Melghat Dhadak Mohim", a mission to save child deaths has set in. To participate, register now on the blog.

Dhadak Mohim 2013 Report